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The concept of a five-star premium Greek National beer originally was the vision of a young entrepreneur, Christos Papadimas. As many young Greek people do - he and his family ventured to Canada with the intention to make a living and secure a future for their children. 

After tasting the great beers of Canada Christos could not shake off his desire to create a delicious elixir of flavors for his own country. When the longings for his homeland and his village of  Prosimny overpowered Christos, he partnered up with a celebrated Vancouver brewmaster, David Wood, and brewery tech wizard, Barry Murray to start a brewery in Greece ...and "Zeos Beer" was born.

Since 1998 the people of Greece have been able to enjoy Zeos fresh draft beer that was hand crafted by David Wood using only the world’s finest grains and hops combined with the sweet artesian water of Peleponesia. 

It wasn’t long before demand increased and the Greek people requested Zeos be available in bottles …for their enjoyment at home as well as at their favorite restaurant or taverna. With production levels constantly rising Christos realized additional growth was necessary, therefore he turned to the young Greek brewmaster, Loukas Papaharalampous, who had just completed his brewmaster education in Europe, being trained by the finest German and Polish brewmasters.

In addition to the original Zeos pilsner, Mak lager (also known as Makedoniki Synthaghy and Blue Mak) was brewed. The newest brew is Black Mak, a tuly unique black weiss beer. The beers of Zeos Brewing Company have taken on their own unique flavors – not copy-cat versions of others – to create premium quality Greek beers.

Greeks are now proud to say they now have their own National Beers!