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Zeos beers … the National Beers of Greece

What makes ZEOS beers so unique? 
The beer is brewed to German standard with top quality ingredients. Quality takes time, therefore we will not rush the process, nor will we ever use chemicals or preservatives.

ZEOS, the original Zeos Brewing Pilsner
SILVER winner of BTI World Beer Championships
Full bodied, light flowery aroma with just a hint of fruit. Excellent palate – crisp with moderate amount of hops, light straw and earthy. Long duration aftertaste. Perfect with lamb and spicy Mediterranean foods. 5% alcohol.
Brown bottle - 330 or 500 ml, “Fresh” 1 L bottles, Kegs

MAK – Lager (Makedoniki Synthaghy) 
Appetizing bouquet and lovely soft body. Light crisp flavor. Initial sweet taste that finishes with a slight bitterness. Very refreshing and goes down smooth. Perfect with fish, poultry, veal. 5% alcohol. Cobalt blue bottle - 330 or 500 ml, Kegs

BLACK MAK – Black Weiss 
Velvety full bodied texture. Medium bitterness with caramel, roasted coffee aroma. Hints of sweet chocolate coffee, caramel and nuts. Delicious drinkability. 5% alcohol.
Brown bottle - 330 or 500 ml, Kegs